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We're here to address system-wide gaps in reproductive health education by making cycle charting information available to all.

We’re preparing to offer:

  • Affordable workshops & consultations

  • Short, illustrated videos covering all aspects of fertility awareness

  • A concise, practical guide to charting your cycles - including an overview of apps & devices


Body literacy is:

  • The self-knowledge needed to make fully informed contraceptive choices

  • The ability to read bodily signs associated with the menstrual cycle

    • These signs can provide health insights and be used to avoid pregnancy naturally

    • The guidelines that we teach are 99.6% effective with perfect use & 98.2% effective with typical use

  • An invitation to take a critical look at the stories that our culture tells about our bodies



We’re committed to making our offerings financially accessible - they’ll always be free, low-cost or subsidised.


We’re here to provide high quality fertility awareness education grounded in peer-reviewed science.


We want to be a trusted source of balanced consumer information - we don’t have any commercial affiliations.


We affirm all relationship models, sexual orientations & gender identities. ♡ We take a secular approach but we’re open to serving people of faith.


We’re empathetic & supportive of all choices. We enjoy holding space for people to develop an understanding of their bodies.


We hope to build a diverse community of body literacy advocates. We work alongside those pressing for reproductive justice.

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Contribute your skills

Please reach out if you'd like to get involved - particularly if you have experience with:

  • Coding

  • Accounting

  • Contract law

  • Photography

  • Social media

  • Event organisation

  • Music video production

We’re also looking for people who’d be willing to review & provide feedback on the materials we’re developing.

We’re still incubating this initiative so there’s plenty of scope to come on board now with your own ideas & help shape our direction of travel!


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We’re based at The Beehive in Stoke Newington’s creative warehouse community, just up the road from Dalston (Hackney).

The Beehive

3-9 Belfast Road


N16 6UN

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